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March 05, 2012
USB 3.0 FDM for Industrial and Embedded Applicatio
The new USB 3.0 FDM features a 20-pin DIP configuration, now appearing on many new motherboards, and is available in capacities of 8GB to 32GB.
March 06, 2012
PCIe FDM for Industrial and Embedded Applicatio
The new PCIe FDM features a PCIe x1 interface, perfect for mini-ITX embedded projects and Industrial designs. Unlike USB 3.0, the PCIe currently supports booting.
February 26, 2012
Dual & Quad Rank Quad-Chanel DDR3 RDIMMs
Every kit is tuned for optimum performance and is hand tested in an X79 motherboard to ensure that it will meet your expectations.
May 15, 2012
STT Customer Satisfaction Survey
We would love to hear from you! Please take a second to fill our quick survey, we value your feedback!
September 18, 2012
Super Talent Awesome-est PC Contest
Enter our photo contest for a chance to win a 128GB Super Talent SSD!!
December 16, 2011
Ultra-portable USB 3.0 SSD, the Storage POD mini
The new USB 3.0 Storage POD mini enables an external SSD to function faster than the internal hard drive.
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